Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast
Aerospace and Defense 2015

Aviation Week editors discuss what they expect in the year to come and what surprised them in 2014.

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The Hunt for A Foreign Submarine Hunt Off Of Scotland

London Bureau Chief Tony Osborne and International Defense Editor Bill Sweetman discuss the U.K.'s recent trouble hunting for a possibly Russian submarine and what it says about their state or readiness.

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Aftermath of the NTSB's 787 Battery Report

Learn how Boeing fail-safed the battery and listen as we discuss how the aircraft was certified and still experienced serious problems.

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Aviation Week's Bill Sweetman discusses the key takeaways from the recent China Airshow with Joe Anselmo. In addition to China's development of military aircraft, Sweetman details the tremendous push toward missile systems, radars and other command and control systems.

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Aviation Week editors discuss the upcoming first flight test of NASA's Orion crew capsule which will move astronauts a little closer to Mars.

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F-35C Carrier Trials

Aviaiton Week editors discuss the F-35C and its ongoing carrier trials.

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A Terrible Week in Commercial Space

Senior Space Editor Frank Morring and Senior Editor Guy Norris discuss the failures by Orbital Sciences and Virgin Galactic with Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo.

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Ahead of the Zhuhai air show, Aviation Week's International Defense Editor Bill Sweetman talks to Defense Managing Editor Jen DiMascio about the J-20 Chinese fighter.

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Can Mitsubishi Succeed with the MRJ?

Executive Editor Jim Asker discusses the Japanese regional jet project with Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief Bradley Perrett and Jens Flottau, managing editor for commercial aviation.

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Michael Lopez-Alegria has been to orbit four times – three of them in a NASA space shuttle and once on a Russian Soyuz capsule. At the recent International Astronautical Congress in Toronto, the former U.S. Navy test pilot described the differences taking off and landing in the two vehicles. As you will hear, they are very different indeed.

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