Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast
Aerospace and Defense 2015

Aviation Week editors discuss what they expect in the year to come and what surprised them in 2014.

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The Hunt for A Foreign Submarine Hunt Off Of Scotland

London Bureau Chief Tony Osborne and International Defense Editor Bill Sweetman discuss the U.K.'s recent trouble hunting for a possibly Russian submarine and what it says about their state or readiness.

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Aftermath of the NTSB's 787 Battery Report

Learn how Boeing fail-safed the battery and listen as we discuss how the aircraft was certified and still experienced serious problems.

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Aviation Week's Bill Sweetman discusses the key takeaways from the recent China Airshow with Joe Anselmo. In addition to China's development of military aircraft, Sweetman details the tremendous push toward missile systems, radars and other command and control systems.

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Aviation Week editors discuss the upcoming first flight test of NASA's Orion crew capsule which will move astronauts a little closer to Mars.

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F-35C Carrier Trials

Aviaiton Week editors discuss the F-35C and its ongoing carrier trials.

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A Terrible Week in Commercial Space

Senior Space Editor Frank Morring and Senior Editor Guy Norris discuss the failures by Orbital Sciences and Virgin Galactic with Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo.

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Ahead of the Zhuhai air show, Aviation Week's International Defense Editor Bill Sweetman talks to Defense Managing Editor Jen DiMascio about the J-20 Chinese fighter.

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Can Mitsubishi Succeed with the MRJ?

Executive Editor Jim Asker discusses the Japanese regional jet project with Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief Bradley Perrett and Jens Flottau, managing editor for commercial aviation.

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Michael Lopez-Alegria has been to orbit four times – three of them in a NASA space shuttle and once on a Russian Soyuz capsule. At the recent International Astronautical Congress in Toronto, the former U.S. Navy test pilot described the differences taking off and landing in the two vehicles. As you will hear, they are very different indeed.

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Could The Fusion Age Be Upon Us?

Joe Anselmo and Graham Warwick ask Guy Norris about his story on Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works and their Compact Fusion Reactor.

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Why Are So Many of Europe’s Pilots Going on Strike?

Joe Anselmo and Jens Flottau discuss the economics of the strikes, especially Air France and Lufthansa.

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F-22: From First Flight to Operational Debut

Jen Dimascio, Bill Sweetman and Amy Butler discuss the history of the F-22 with all its quirks.

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MRO Europe Forecast

Join Lee Ann Tegtmeier and Brian Kough as they discuss Aviation Week's MRO forecast ahead of MRO Europe.

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A320 First Flight and the State of Single-Aisles

Joe Anselmo, Guy Norris and Jens Flottau discuss the Pratt & Whitney-powered A320neo first flight this week and what it means for the industry.

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Match Made in Space: New Companies and Traditional Giants

Join Jim Asker, Frank Morring and Guy Norris as they discuss major developments in Commercial Crew and rocket engines.

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U.S. Scrambles To Develop New Rocket Engine In Wake Of Disagreements With Russia

Frank Morring, Bill Sweetman and Jim Asker discuss U.S. plans to develop new rocket engines and where U.S. capability might be in the near future.

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Aviation Week senior editors Bill Sweetman, Amy Butler and Guy Norris talk to Joe Anselmo about the complex and unusual chain of events that left an aircraft in flames, revealed incipient problems in several Pratt & Whitney F135 engines, and continue to enforce stringent flight restrictions on the test and training fleets. 

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Aviation Week editors risk the risk that wildlife pose to airports and airlines, what the industry is doing about it - including some unconventional ideas - and why there’s still plenty of work to be done. 

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A new venture is developing a low-cost launch vehicle to orbit small satellites. But two smaller companies bid for – and ultimately lost – contracts to build technology demonstrators for the U.S. Army’s next-generation rotorcraft. Listen in as we discuss the state of entrepreneurship in aerospace & defense.

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The State Of Innovation In A&D

In this week’s Check 6 podcast, our editors discuss the state of innovation in the aerospace and defense industry. The discussion touches on past innovations that are becoming a reality in today’s military forces, why the commercial sector is so much better at harnessing innovation and whether there is an innovation crisis in aerospace.

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Commercial Engine Makers Face Acid Test

As CFM prepares to flight test the first Leap engines in California, and Airbus gets set to make the first flight of the PW1100G-powered A320neo, Executive Editor Jim Mathews discusses with Guy Norris, AW&ST Senior Editor for propulsion, the market, the challenges, the risks and some possible directions for the future.

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Flight-Tracking After MH370

IATA and ICAO are on a path to make sure aircraft cannot be lost without a trace. Executive Editor Jim Mathews discussed the action with Aviation Week & Space Technology senior editor for Avionics and Safety, John Croft and Air Transport World senior editor, Aaron Karp.

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Buk M-1 missile vs. Flight MH17: What Went Wrong?

Almost no one thinks the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was intentional. It’s hard to imagine an upside for Russia, Russian-backed separatists or Ukraine in blasting out of the sky an airliner full of civilians from nations not involved in the conflict. At the same time, the most capable, modern air-defense missile systems are not simple to operate. So what might have gone wrong that allowed a Buk-M1 missile to take down MH17?

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The shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine stunned the world. But in this incident, answers are emerging much more quickly than they did in the still unsolved disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370 earlier this year. In this week's Check 6 podcast, we delve into the incident and discuss the question of why the airplane was flying over a war zone in the first place. 

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Farnborough Air Show Commercial Outlook

Aviation Week editors take a look at the key talking points in commercial aviation ahead of the Farnborough air show.

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The F-35 Goes International
In the latest installment of our Check 6 podcast, Pentagon editor Amy Butler, London Bureau Chief Tony Osborne and International Defense editor Bill Sweetman discuss the the F-35’s deployment to the U.K. for the Royal International Air Tattoo and Farnborough air shows, as well as the evolution of Europe’s fighters in the face of competition from the F-35 as well as how those European fighters will interact with the Joint Strike Fighter when operating along side each other.
This podcast was recorded on Monday, June 30, before the F-35 arrived in the U.K.
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Aviation Week editors discuss the battle over re-authorization of the U.S. Export Import Bank.

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The State of Human Deep Space Exploration

Jim Asker and Frank Morring discuss this week's cover package including new system development, the proposed asteroid mission, the next robotic mission, commercial participation, the human life science involved, budgetary considerations, international cooperation, and our ultimate current goal: Mars. Listen all the way to the end when Frank gives his opinion on how likely a human trip to Mars really is.

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Airbus, the A350 and other musings from Toulouse

The annual Airbus Innovation Days are normally two days of briefings from senior Airbus executives. But this week’s formalities kicked off with an announcement by Airbus that Emirates has cancelled its order for 70 A350s. The next day, we went flying in MSN2, the second A350 test aircraft. In between we got updates on the various new engine options, both planned and proposed.

In this week’s Check 6 podcast, recorded at Airbus’ delivery center in Toulouse, I talked to Jens and Joe about what implications the Emirates cancellation could have on the A350 program. Some of you have speculated here aviationweek.com that Emirates could be looking at the Boeing 747-8i instead, but Jens explains why that’s unlikely.

We also discuss the progress of the A320neo and its slice of the total narrowbody pie. Finally, is a bubble really brewing?

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Proposals for an “A380neo” gained fresh momentum at this week’s International Air Transport Association annual meeting in Doha, propelled by Emirates, the A380’s dominant customer/operator. Aviation Week editors discuss the odds of Airbus moving forward with a re-engined A380, and why Rolls Royce is interested in the project — and why GE and Pratt are not.

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Emirates President Tim Clark talked to Aviation Week's Jens Flottau on the sidelines of the IATA AGM in Doha about the reengining of the Airbus A380.

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Emirates President Tim Clark Discusses Flight MH370

Emirates President Tim Clark talked to Aviation Week's Jens Flottau on the sidelines of the IATA AGM in Doha about flight MH370 and aircraft tracking. 

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Here in Doha for the 70th annual general meeting of IATA members lots of discussions are underway. Listen in as Aviation Week editors talk about what’s being discussed, and what isn’t, here in Doha.

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Bombardier Aerospace CEO Guy Hachet spoke to Aviation Week's Jens Flottau on the eve of the IATA AGM in Doha about the CSeries and provided an update following the Friday 30 May engine incident.

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On the eve of the 70th IATA Annual General Meeting in Doha, Aviation Week editors discuss topics affecting the industry, including capacity constraints in the Middle East, subsidies, the Emissions Trading Scheme and Open Skies.

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Aviation Week's annual Top Performing Airlines (TPA) study reveals some surprising results and interesting trends. In the latest Check 6 podcast, Aviation Week editors discuss why Latin American carriers are the stars of the show, why EasyJet is dominating the rankings in Europe and why Asian carriers, which once ranked high on our TPA study, have dropped down the list. 

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As Airbus draws closer to a decision on whether or not to re-engine its A330, Aviation Week editors discuss the implications for Airbus and its engine suppliers.

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Business jet manufacturers are banking on China to pull the industry out of its doldrums. But the country still has a long way to go, ICF International Vice President Kevin Michaels writes in the May 19 edition of Aviation Week & Space Technology. On our latest Check 6 podcast, Michaels talks with Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo about factors that he believes will keep the Chinese bizav market from reaching its potential for at least another decade.

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New Small UAVs, Their Rules and Tasers

The week before the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International conference, AvWeek editors get together to talk about some of the latest innovations and complications surrounding the UAV market.

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What a Week in Space!

Aviation Week editors discuss SpaceX's suit against the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, the merger of Orbital Sciences and ATK and how they're all related in our latest Check 6 podcast.

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Is it really possible that 111 years since the first powered flight of an aircraft carrying a human we're debating what an aircraft is?

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R&D Investment Crisis

A squeeze on U.S. defense spending has caused Pentagon investment in research, development, test and evaluation spending to decline 28% since its peak in 2009, adjusting for inflation. The problem is the defense contractors aren't stepping in to make up the difference.

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Imagine a day when overhaul shops will be able to just print replacement parts. The time and cost savings could be huge, but how will the technology be adapted for the aerospace industry?

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Broadband Onboard

Broadband data is coming to airplanes in a big way. It will influence both passengers in the cabin and operations in the cockpit.

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What do the initial sanctions by the West on Russian and Ukrainian provocateurs of the former’s invasion of the latter’s Crimean region mean for Western aerospace and defense? Reaction so far has been mild, but that could change.

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Aviation Week's talk in-depth about the technologies being used in the search and what their limitations are. The discussion also delves into what the aircraft’s “black box” would reveal – and not reveal – if it were recovered.

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A panel of Aviation Week reporters talks about flight MAS370, air navigation and asset tracking, search and rescue, and more.

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Aviation Week Executive Editor James Asker moderates a discussion among editors covering the Pentagon's 2015 budget request. 
We talk about all of the tidbits of interest -- blood flowing through the Pentagon floors from gutted fleets, a missile defense plus up, is U-2 seriously dead, and the Navy cutting the cord on the Super Hornet. And, perhaps more fun, we opine about why a lot of this could be met with little enthusiasm on the Hill, setting up for another year of institutional paralysis in Washington.
Finally, hold out to the end to hear our Missed Approaches: three things we found to be wacky, under-reported or happening below the radar. Is there a looming leadership crisis in the Navy? Will the newly unveiled Air Force satellite -- designed to spy on other satellites -- restart an old debate about military uses of space?
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