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What do the initial sanctions by the West on Russian and Ukrainian provocateurs of the former’s invasion of the latter’s Crimean region mean for Western aerospace and defense? Reaction so far has been mild, but that could change.

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Aviation Week's talk in-depth about the technologies being used in the search and what their limitations are. The discussion also delves into what the aircraft’s “black box” would reveal – and not reveal – if it were recovered.

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A panel of Aviation Week reporters talks about flight MAS370, air navigation and asset tracking, search and rescue, and more.

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Aviation Week Executive Editor James Asker moderates a discussion among editors covering the Pentagon's 2015 budget request. 
We talk about all of the tidbits of interest -- blood flowing through the Pentagon floors from gutted fleets, a missile defense plus up, is U-2 seriously dead, and the Navy cutting the cord on the Super Hornet. And, perhaps more fun, we opine about why a lot of this could be met with little enthusiasm on the Hill, setting up for another year of institutional paralysis in Washington.
Finally, hold out to the end to hear our Missed Approaches: three things we found to be wacky, under-reported or happening below the radar. Is there a looming leadership crisis in the Navy? Will the newly unveiled Air Force satellite -- designed to spy on other satellites -- restart an old debate about military uses of space?
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