Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast

Ahead of the Zhuhai air show, Aviation Week's International Defense Editor Bill Sweetman talks to Defense Managing Editor Jen DiMascio about the J-20 Chinese fighter.

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Can Mitsubishi Succeed with the MRJ?

Executive Editor Jim Asker discusses the Japanese regional jet project with Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief Bradley Perrett and Jens Flottau, managing editor for commercial aviation.

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Michael Lopez-Alegria has been to orbit four times – three of them in a NASA space shuttle and once on a Russian Soyuz capsule. At the recent International Astronautical Congress in Toronto, the former U.S. Navy test pilot described the differences taking off and landing in the two vehicles. As you will hear, they are very different indeed.

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Could The Fusion Age Be Upon Us?

Joe Anselmo and Graham Warwick ask Guy Norris about his story on Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works and their Compact Fusion Reactor.

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Why Are So Many of Europe’s Pilots Going on Strike?

Joe Anselmo and Jens Flottau discuss the economics of the strikes, especially Air France and Lufthansa.

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F-22: From First Flight to Operational Debut

Jen Dimascio, Bill Sweetman and Amy Butler discuss the history of the F-22 with all its quirks.

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