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With all the secrecy surrounding the Pentagon's Long-Range Strike Bomber competition, the winner was hard to predict. But AvWeek's editors discuss some of Northrop’s strengths that are not readily apparent. That includes experience with the particular kind of stealth technology needed for a long-range bomber as well as some of the company's business side decisions that may have made it attractive in this $21.4 billion contest.

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Aviation Week editors Senior International Editor Bill Sweetman and Naval Editor Michael Fabey break down the issue with the V-22 engine that investigators say brought down an Osprey in May.

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Scientists, engineers and students from around the world gathered in Jerusalem Oct. 12-16 for the 66th International Astronautical Congress. Civil space is at a turning point, with ambitious new plans unfolding as old ones bear fruit. Senior space editor Frank Morring, Jr., and Paris Bureau Chief Amy Svitak took a moment to describe what they learned about the changes at this year's IAC.

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As business talks between Bombardier and Airbus fall apart, Aviation Week editors discuss why the new cutting-edge passenger jet is facing severe headwinds in the market--and whether Bombardier has the resources to see it through.


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The FAA is expecting as many as one million small UAVs could be sold during the U.S. holiday season.  How much of a threat does that pose to airliners? The troubling answer is the agency really does not know because it has not begun testing. Listen to editors from Aviation Week and sister publication Air Transport World discuss the implications.


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