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Aerospace & Defense 2017 is the latest version of our annual predictor of trends to watch across all the fields we cover. With that issue in the back, we talk with our top editors about what to look for. Executive Editor Jim Asker quizzes Graham Warwick, the chief of technology coverage; Jen DiMascio, who is in charge of defense and space; Jens Flottau, the managing editor for commercial aviation and veteran space editor Frank Morring.

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What the space-launch upstart thinks went wrong in September, what the delay means for its customers and how the company has handled losses in the past. Plus, Orbital ATK’s Pegasus launch and a John Glenn remembrance.

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In an environment where a Tweet can move markets, the head of the Aerospace Industries Association is urging companies to stick to the facts.

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From the Middle East, to India, Canada and Europe, AvWeek’s editors take stock of recent deals and announced sales of fighter aircraft and size up how that will impact upcoming competitions.

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U.S. president-elect Donald Trump is just beginning to form his team. What will it mean for aerospace, aviation, NASA, trade and the economy?

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Automation is reaching the point that it may be possible for artificial intelligence and robotics to take much of the routine workload of cockpit crews—and “remember” things no humans could in an emergency. Is this the future?

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On Nov. 8, the U.S. elected Donald Trump its next president, as well as a Republican House and Senate. Aviation Week editors explain how they think those dynamics will shape the nation’s policy and spending choices in the short term and the long run.

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Nuclear weapons captured the interest of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and the issue of how to counter Russian and Chinese weapons will be at the forefront of the whoever wins the presidency. AvWeek editors discuss some of those pending issues: programs to upgrade nuclear ICBMS, cruise missiles and bomber aircraft – and how to afford it all.

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The business aviation industry is waiting with baited breath for new technologies, airplanes and engines to enter the marketplace. But there were innovations aplenty at this year’s NBAA Convention and Exhibition, from morphing wings to printed engines to supersonic jets. Listen in as our editors on site at the convention discuss these technologies and other major developments in the business aviation industry.

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Ahead of the NBAA exhibition and conference in Orlando, Fl next week, our editors discuss the state of the business aviation industry, the factors that could help revive it and how retrofitting used aircraft is the next big thing.

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Missions tend to fare better when countries share information and technology. That certainly appeared to be the case during this busy week in space—from Russia's Soyuz launch to the International Space Station, to China's Shenzou mission, Antares's return to flight and the European Space Agency's rocky landing on Mars.

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Will global agreements to limit CO2 emissions force airlines to push for breakthrough technologies?

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How airframe and engine contractors are responding to the U.S. Army’s Future Vertical Lift plans. Oh, and a bit about the F-35, too.

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Why the transfer of propellant, the budget and the effects of long stays in space are still challenges facing SpaceX’s dazzling proposal. They are achievable though, Dan Dunbacher, a Purdue University professor and former NASA official tells Aviation Week’s Frank Morring.

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Teaser: Aviation Week editors break down some of the highlights at this year’s Air Force Association symposium – from the Air Forces plans to pursue a weaponized KC-Z tanker, its thoughts on T-X affordability and more.

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Aircraft are ever more connected to the internet, in the cabin, the cockpit and to the maintenance shop. Avionics editor John Croft and MRO Chief Editor Lee Ann Shay discuss how the connected aircraft works, how the data are transmitted and processed and what safety concerns might arise as aircraft and airlines increasingly rely on connectivity.

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Nearly two months after the attempted coup in Turkey, the Turkish air force is facing a severe pilot shortage. London Bureau Chief Tony Osborne and Pentagon Editor Lara Seligman describe the unfolding events there, as well as the U.S. military’s thoughts on training pilots worldwide. Plus, what military officers in Baltic countries are thinking about air power.

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Brain drain to Silicon Valley? A wave of retirements? Offshoring mania? The results of Aviation Week’s 2016 Workforce Study say otherwise.

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Editors Graham Warwick, James Drew and Lara Seligman discuss the nuances in the fierce competition for the lucrative U.S. Air Force trainer replacement jet.

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Self-flying aircraft are even further off than self-driving cars. But technologies that assist pilots are advancing—including one that will take control of the aircraft to avoid a collision if humans do not react quickly enough. Engineering Editor Guy Norris, Avionics and Safety Editor John Croft and Executive Editor Jim Asker bring you up to date and explore what might be possible.

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Following last week’s Emirates Boeing 777 crash in Dubai, a video circulated on social media showing passengers delaying the evacuation by retrieving belongings from overhead bins while the aircraft was on fire. The incident highlights the major issues facing airline safety experts and cabin crew when passengers ignore safety briefings. Our editors discuss what the industry can do to prevent bag-toting passengers from becoming a risk to themselves and others, and what is known about the crash so far.

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After years of planning for major milestones such as declaring the F-35A ready for combat, the U.S. Air Force is finally realizing a few of its dreams. In addition to moving past the fighter’s development, the service is also looking ahead to developing a new set of aircraft and weapons that will define its future. In the last two weeks, the Air Force has inched forward a its plans to develop a new training aircraft and started competitions to replace the Minuteman ICBM and its nuclear-capable air-launched cruise missile. Pentagon Editor Lara Seligman and Defense Editor James Drew provide the details.

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After years of planning for major milestones such as declaring the F-35A ready for combat, the U.S. Air Force is finally realizing a few of its dreams. In addition to moving past the fighter’s development, the service is also looking ahead to developing a new set of aircraft and weapons that will define its future. In the last two weeks, the Air Force has inched forward a its plans to develop a new training aircraft and started competitions to replace the Minuteman ICBM and its nuclear-capable air-launched cruise missile. Pentagon Editor Lara Seligman and Defense Editor James Drew provide the details.

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Editors from Aviation Week and Aviation Daily discuss why demand for Boeing 747s and Airbus A380s has slowed to a trickle, and explain how new narrowbody airplanes could shake up the trans-Atlantic airline market. 

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NASA and other governments may have an end date for the International Space Station, but private companies are creating their own for commercial purposes. Senior Space Editor Frank Morring discusses plans for new commercial space modules from which other companies can launch small satellites, or use the advantages of microgravity for new ventures such as one with a plan to manufacture faster fiber optics.

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Our editors are at the Farnborough Airshow this week. Listen in as they discuss key developments including the future of the A380 and what a middle-of-the-market airplane will look like. Also, F-35 finally made its long-awaited debut at the show and stunned our team with its hovering capabilities.​

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The British people have spoken, and their decision has caused reverberations around the world. The U.K.'s aerospace sector is the largest in Europe and second largest in the world. What does the Brexit vote mean for the future of the sector? Our editors discuss the short- and medium-term impact.

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Technology Editor Graham Warwick discusses the 70-hr. flight and ponders the future of electric propulsion with correspondent Theirry Dubois, who recounts highlights from his satellite interview with Si2's solo pilot, Bertrand Piccard, while he was over the Atlantic.

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From Boeing’s difficulties on the tanker program to its shift toward fighter sustainment and upgrades, Aviation Week editors analyze their recent conversation with Leanne Caret, CEO of Boeing Defense, Space and Security.

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Our editors compare impressions from the first joint Pratt & Whitney and United Technologies Aerospace Systems media day. 

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Pratt & Whitney's status in the media, including its engine failure and supplier issues.

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At this year’s IATA annual general meeting in Dublin, the Middle East carriers once again dominated the news. While the CEOs of Delta and Emirates refused to engage in a public spat over open dkies, Qatar Airways was considerably less restrained. Aircraft tracking was also high on the agenda, but no consensus was reached on how to resolve the issue. Listen in as our editors discuss all this and the latest on Qatar Airways refusing its first A320neo.

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Our editors were at this year’s Airbus Innovation Days in Hamburg, where Airbus executives were vocal about supply chain issues they’ve encountered with both the A320neo and A350. The narrowbody was built as what Airbus COO Tom Williams described as a “glider” due to issues with its Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines. And the A350 is playing catch up as Airbus tries to maintain its ambitious delivery plans despite troubles with cabin component suppliers. A potential stretched version of Boeing’s 737 MAX was dubbed "Mad Max" by Airbus sales chief John Leahy, who is also looking at the case for a stretched A350-1000. Listen as our editors discuss all this and more.

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At this year’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva, Business & Commercial Aviation’s (BCA) editors note much optimism in the market, with a much busier show floor and static display than recent years. Boeing stole this year’s show when its fully outfitted 787-8 lorded it over other aircraft on the static display. We discuss the 787’s entrance into the VVIP market and how Airbus is competing with its A350. We also take a look at newest aircraft here, including the Hondajet, which BCA senior editor Fred George recently flew.

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The world of commercial aviation propulsion is in the midst of change, upheaval and dramatic new developments. Aviation Week’s senior editor Guy Norris recently visited General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce to see first-hand the production ramp ups and developments of new turbofans about to enter service. Listen in as he discusses his behind-the-scenes visit. Read the special report on propulsion in this week's edition of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

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NASA-backed Private Spacecraft Programs

As the International Space Station approaches the end of its service life, NASA is supporting Boeing and SpaceX efforts to build commercial crew vehicles  that can take crew to the ISS and later commercial space stations. Aviation Week editors discuss those efforts, as well as the money NASA may save in supporting SpaceX’s Red Dragon, which the commercial spaceflight company intends to land on Mars using supersonic retro-propulsion technology.

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What are the most important technologies, innovations and novel ideas that have made aviation and space what they are today? What will be important in the future? Listen in as Aviation Week editors debate the key 100—and which should make it into the magazine’s 100th anniversary issue.

Read Aviation Week's 100 Key Technologies in the Anniversary Issue

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Aviation Week editors discuss why Delta’s order of 125 Bombardier CSeries jets means so much and what it could mean for Airbus and Boeing

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As Senior Space Editor Frank Morring says, companies are looking for "pots of gold" in space. That gold could come from commercial efforts that would extend the life of the International Space Station or to mine water from the Moon. Civilian space agencies might benefit as well—working with each other to reach the Moon and ultimately charting a path to Mars. Frank joins Mark Carreau and Jen DiMascio at the annual space symposium in Colorado Springs and discuss the latest efforts to explore—and profit from—outer space.

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ATW’s Karen Walker and Aviation Daily’s Madhu Unnikrishnan discuss regulatory hurdles to $2.6-billion deal and whether it marks the end of U.S. airline consolidation

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After years of shunning aerospace as too slow and too expensive, venture capitalists are suddenly interested -- and investing. Meanwhile, big aerospace corporations and the U.S. Defense Department are looking to bring “disruptive” commercial thinking in house. Executive Editor Jim Asker, Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno and Graham Warwick, the managing editor for technology, discuss whether the two cultures can ever mix.

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U.S. Navy pilots are increasingly reporting headaches, confusion and other symptoms of oxygen deprivation, or hypoxia. Jen DiMascio, Michael Fabey and Graham Warwick talk about how the Navy is responding to the problem and the complicated nature of pinpointing the cause of such physiological problems, which the Air Force has grappled with on the F-16 and F-22.

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The mental health of pilots and the privacy of their records and consultations with doctors is back in the news following the report by French air safety investigators on the crash of a Germanwings A320 in the Alps last year. Jim Asker, Jens Flottau and John Croft discuss the issues and what might be done to prevent such tragedies.  

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The race for routes to Cuba by U.S. carriers is on. Will there be enough demand for flights to cities other than Havana? Is Cuba ready for a rapid increase in tourism? Join our editors as they discuss the possibilities for this new market.

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Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno and aerospace analyst Kevin Michaels discuss how massive supplier tie-up would have been "a stick in the eye" to Airbus and Boeing.

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As Air Canada provides a boost with C Series orders, editors discuss the merits of a proposed investment by the Canadian government.

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On the sidelines of this week's air show, our Aviation Week editors discuss whether Airbus really has the edge over Boeing it claims and what defense hardware is in high demand in the Asia-Pacific region.

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X-planes UAVs and a Cold War footing, this year’s budget request has it all. And Aviation Week’s Graham Warwick and Aviation Week Intelligence Network’s Dan Katz analyze President Barack Obama’s last chance to make change.

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Days before the Pentagon details its request for spending $582.7 billion, Bill Sweetman provides his thoughts on how an “arsenal plane” might work. And Michael Fabey explains why the Littoral Combat Ship might not experience the budget cuts others have predicted.

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Editors discuss Iran’s A380 orders, the first flight of the 737 MAX, the A320neo’s quiet service entry and whether Airbus and Boeing are disconnected from economic reality.

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Our space experts discuss why tracking and diverting killer asteroids is finally being taken seriously. 


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From NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services-2 award to the Dream Chaser spaceplane, to Space-X’s recent near miss landing in Vandenberg, California, the field of reusable space systems is expanding. Join Jen DiMascio, Frank Morring and Guy Norris as they discuss developments and competition in the burgeoning commercial and defense space launch markets.

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The final numbers for orders and deliveries are out for 2015. Who is the leader, Airbus or Boeing?  And why? Join Jens Flottau, Guy Norris and Graham Warwick as they discuss, compare and look at the impact of these figures.

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Aviation is, by and large, an incredibly safe mode of transportation. But it wasn’t always so, and there are challenges coming soon. Join Editors Jim Asker, John Croft and Bill Sweetman as they discuss the history and future of aviation safety and read the special report.

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Virtual reality. Crowd-sourcing weather data. Co-pilots on the ground. Changes are coming to flight operations, maintenance and training. Executive Editor Jim Asker and Avionics and Safety Editor John Croft discuss the next-generation hardware and new techniques that will boost safety and save money.

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