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After years of shunning aerospace as too slow and too expensive, venture capitalists are suddenly interested -- and investing. Meanwhile, big aerospace corporations and the U.S. Defense Department are looking to bring “disruptive” commercial thinking in house. Executive Editor Jim Asker, Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno and Graham Warwick, the managing editor for technology, discuss whether the two cultures can ever mix.

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U.S. Navy pilots are increasingly reporting headaches, confusion and other symptoms of oxygen deprivation, or hypoxia. Jen DiMascio, Michael Fabey and Graham Warwick talk about how the Navy is responding to the problem and the complicated nature of pinpointing the cause of such physiological problems, which the Air Force has grappled with on the F-16 and F-22.

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The mental health of pilots and the privacy of their records and consultations with doctors is back in the news following the report by French air safety investigators on the crash of a Germanwings A320 in the Alps last year. Jim Asker, Jens Flottau and John Croft discuss the issues and what might be done to prevent such tragedies.  

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The race for routes to Cuba by U.S. carriers is on. Will there be enough demand for flights to cities other than Havana? Is Cuba ready for a rapid increase in tourism? Join our editors as they discuss the possibilities for this new market.

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Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno and aerospace analyst Kevin Michaels discuss how massive supplier tie-up would have been "a stick in the eye" to Airbus and Boeing.

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