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Why the transfer of propellant, the budget and the effects of long stays in space are still challenges facing SpaceX’s dazzling proposal. They are achievable though, Dan Dunbacher, a Purdue University professor and former NASA official tells Aviation Week’s Frank Morring.

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Teaser: Aviation Week editors break down some of the highlights at this year’s Air Force Association symposium – from the Air Forces plans to pursue a weaponized KC-Z tanker, its thoughts on T-X affordability and more.

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Aircraft are ever more connected to the internet, in the cabin, the cockpit and to the maintenance shop. Avionics editor John Croft and MRO Chief Editor Lee Ann Shay discuss how the connected aircraft works, how the data are transmitted and processed and what safety concerns might arise as aircraft and airlines increasingly rely on connectivity.

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Nearly two months after the attempted coup in Turkey, the Turkish air force is facing a severe pilot shortage. London Bureau Chief Tony Osborne and Pentagon Editor Lara Seligman describe the unfolding events there, as well as the U.S. military’s thoughts on training pilots worldwide. Plus, what military officers in Baltic countries are thinking about air power.

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