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Why Ellen Stofan is confident humans will follow robots to Mars in less than 20 years and how she plans to bring the 42-year-old institution back to the future.  

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A year after giving its C Series program to Airbus, Bombardier unloads its turboprop business. Is the CRJ line next? Aviation Week editors discuss.

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China is drawing on existing technology with a proposed new manned launch vehicle, Moon rocket and is tweaking the design to make its Long March 8 reusable. Keep listening as Aviation Week editors reveal details of the Chinese space program and commercial endeavors by Rocketlab and SpaceX.

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A swarm of drone projects appeared at China's biennial air show. UAC discussed the schedule of the CR929 widebody airliner.

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UK engine company’s should be celebrating a year of record production. Instead the end of 2018 cannot come soon enough. Our editors discuss Rolls’ production delays and its long-term future.

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