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Aviation Week editors discuss the shocking turnabout for the late Paul Allen’s air-launch space company and other recent churn in the space launch market.

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Unpaid controllers, delayed certifications and a European regulatory quagmire are just some of the impacts of political crisis across two continents. Listen in as our editors discuss.

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From transonic truss-braced wing designs to learning lessons from Apollo, Graham Warwick and Guy Norris report from this year’s AIAA SciTech conference in San Diego, California.

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Need workers? Got workers but they don’t have the right skills? After decades of shedding employees, A&D finds itself in a race to staff-up ahead of everything from near-peer national security threats to just staying ahead of tech industry disruptors. What should companies do? In this episode of Aviation Week Check 6 with Accenture, Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno talks with Accenture A&D Lead John Schmidt and Communication, Media and Technology Managing Director Jessica Kane, who offer a game plan.

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Aviation Week editors discuss Acting Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan’s career as Boeing’s Mr. Fix-It and whether he will stand up to President Trump

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