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From the loss of 40N6E missiles in the English Channel to Russia’s attempt to  sell the air defense system to Saudi Arabia, and the politics of sanctions, Defense Editor Steve Trimble discusses new developments from the International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi.

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The number of electric-propulsion aircraft projects continues to climb at a staggering rate. What is more, 2019 could be a year of many firsts. Bye Aerospace flew its Sun Flyer 2 prototype fitted with a Siemens motor Feb. 8, and MagniX has revealed its intent for November, just to name a few. For years, Robert Thomson and Nikhil Sachdeva of Roland Berger have been tracking and analyzing all the well-known and semi-secret projects – now counting 140-plus. In this week’s episode of Check 6, they talk with Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno about the big changes to come for the aerospace industry.

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Marking 50th anniversary of first 747 flight, our editors discuss the “giant jet’s” rocky beginnings, how much of a future it has left and whether Airbus will shutter the A380 line.

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After the delivery of the KC-46A tanker, the service is looking to detach itself from future, platform-centric plans.

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