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Just back from Seattle, where Boeing was briefing regulators and operators on its upgrades to the MCAS control law implicated in to 737 MAX fatal crashes, senior editor Guy Norris talks with managing editor Graham Warwick about the changes, Congress’s grilling of the FAA’s Administrator and the ramifications of both for the MAX, for certification and, perhaps in the long term, for automation in airliner cockpits.


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Aviation Week editors discuss the latest from the two MAX accident investigations and look back at the compromises that led to the controversial MCAS system.

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In the aftermath of global groundings of the Boeing 737 MAX family aircraft, our editors discuss what measures need to be taken to overcome the crisis for the OEM and operators. 

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From the latest commercial helicopter news to the irresistible growth of eVTOLs and novel hybrid-electric propulsion systems, listen to Tony Osborne and Guy Norris as they discuss the highlights of HAI’s recent Heli Expo 2019 convention from a freezing week in Atlanta.

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Why did Rolls-Royce say “no thank you” to Boeing’s NMA? How might Airbus respond? Listen in as we discuss the risks of launching a new mid-market airliner.

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Impressive improvements in aircraft fuel burn and carbon emissions are being offset by the industry’s rapid growth. Listen in as our editors discuss the quandary and possible solutions.  

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