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Boeing Defense officials say new processes, procedures and design allowed them to outbid competitors on multi-billion-dollar contracts last year, including the next-generation T-X trainer and MQ-25 carrier-based aerial refueling tanker. Aviation Week editors discuss their pitch and past record of delivering on the major programs.

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Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury and his management colleagues have taken over little over a month ago. Now, weeks before the Paris Air Show, the new leadership team has given first indications on strategy and priorities. What are the key takes? Aviation Week Network editors discuss.

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Safety and security have always been a given in the business aviation industry. Now, attention has turned to adding sustainability to the mix, with alternative jet fuel leading the news at EBACE this year.

Also, in the aftermath of the Boeing MAX crashes, are changes needed to the ODA process? Listen in as our editors discuss this and more from Geneva, Switzerland.

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As Boeing nears finalization of its proposed fix to the 737 MAX since the fleet-wide grounding in March, our editors discuss the ramifications for pilot proficiency, automation and other civil aircraft programs.

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Some 80,000 satellites are proposed to begin flying in low Earth orbit, but the talk at the Satellite 2019 was about which companies have the strongest leg up and which launch providers will take them to space.

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Feel like your company is not innovating fast enough? You are probably right. Chances are your company is not doing enough to drive digital change in its culture, products and services. In the latest Check 6 with Accenture, Aviation Week’s Michael Bruno talks with Accenture Managing Directors John Schmidt and Chris Tridico on how the A&D industry is wrestling with the challenges, from figuring out where to invest to what to expect.


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