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Over many years, the Air Force quietly developed a missile that is compatible with the AIM-120’s form factor but has a much longer range.

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What did we see and what was missing at the Paris Air Show?  Listen in as our editors discuss the highs and lows from the biannual aerospace industry gathering at Le Bourget.

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A summit held in Washington took aim at airline outsourcing, which is not new. Sarah MacLeod, executive director of the Aeronautical Repair Station Association, spoke at the event as the single dissenting voice. MacLeod speaks with Lee Ann Shay, chief editor MRO for Aviation Week Network, about the controversy.

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The aerospace and defense landscape was altered almost overnight with the proposal to merge United Technologies and Raytheon. The would-be Raytheon Technologies looms as one of the largest A&D contractors ever, and could be a research powerhouse – if it passes regulatory review first. Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo speaks with Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno and Senior Military Editor Steve Trimble about the reasons for and the consequences of this mega-merger.

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As work continues towards first flight of the GE9X-powered Boeing 777-9, senior editor Guy Norris talks to GE Aviation chief test pilot Jon Ohman about what’s involved with  flight tests of the world’s largest turbofan on the company’s specially modified 747-400.

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There are a handful of hot topics guaranteed to come up at the Paris air show. Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno talks with Accenture A&D leader John Schmidt and Joyce Kline about what will be on everyone’s lips, as well as what might serve as a few surprises at the big annual European event. 

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