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On the eve of the 70th IATA Annual General Meeting in Doha, Aviation Week editors discuss topics affecting the industry, including capacity constraints in the Middle East, subsidies, the Emissions Trading Scheme and Open Skies.

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Aviation Week's annual Top Performing Airlines (TPA) study reveals some surprising results and interesting trends. In the latest Check 6 podcast, Aviation Week editors discuss why Latin American carriers are the stars of the show, why EasyJet is dominating the rankings in Europe and why Asian carriers, which once ranked high on our TPA study, have dropped down the list. 

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As Airbus draws closer to a decision on whether or not to re-engine its A330, Aviation Week editors discuss the implications for Airbus and its engine suppliers.

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Business jet manufacturers are banking on China to pull the industry out of its doldrums. But the country still has a long way to go, ICF International Vice President Kevin Michaels writes in the May 19 edition of Aviation Week & Space Technology. On our latest Check 6 podcast, Michaels talks with Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo about factors that he believes will keep the Chinese bizav market from reaching its potential for at least another decade.

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New Small UAVs, Their Rules and Tasers

The week before the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International conference, AvWeek editors get together to talk about some of the latest innovations and complications surrounding the UAV market.

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What a Week in Space!

Aviation Week editors discuss SpaceX's suit against the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, the merger of Orbital Sciences and ATK and how they're all related in our latest Check 6 podcast.

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Is it really possible that 111 years since the first powered flight of an aircraft carrying a human we're debating what an aircraft is?

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R&D Investment Crisis

A squeeze on U.S. defense spending has caused Pentagon investment in research, development, test and evaluation spending to decline 28% since its peak in 2009, adjusting for inflation. The problem is the defense contractors aren't stepping in to make up the difference.

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Imagine a day when overhaul shops will be able to just print replacement parts. The time and cost savings could be huge, but how will the technology be adapted for the aerospace industry?

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Broadband Onboard

Broadband data is coming to airplanes in a big way. It will influence both passengers in the cabin and operations in the cockpit.

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