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Blue Origin’s New Glenn is one among many launch companies that will lend a hand to companies eager to send spacecraft into orbit in a market where technological change can be faster than the pace of production.

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Leonardo and European researchers have big plans for civil tiltrotors.

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Limitations on the F-35’s strike capability may prompt fresh thinking in the military about how it uses and upgrades existing aircraft.

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As U.S. research pokes along, China and Russia make rapid advances. Editors Guy Norris and Graham Warwick explain.

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In this week’s Check 6 with Accenture, Aviation Week Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno and Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo talk with John Schmidt, who leads Accenture’s Global Aerospace and Defense practice, about President Donald Trump, international trade and the aerospace and defense sector, and impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on industry.

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Has the 'jetmania' trend returned as cheaper, used regional jets flood the market? Can they compete with new, more-efficient turboprops? Join our editors from Aviation Week as they discuss this market issue.

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Bombardier’s new airliner carves out a new niche. Our pilots are impressed with its automation and handling—and the creature comforts for passengers.

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After spending billions in investments in foreign airlines and new aircraft, Etihad’s CEO James Hogan is being replaced. With less appetite for risk and growth, what’s next for the Abu Dhabi-based airline?


Meanwhile, Emirates Airline has rattled the feathers of U.S. legacy carriers with this week’s announcement of a new service between Athens and New York. How will the Trump administration react? Listen in as our editors discuss.

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It’s a cat-mouse-game as old as warfare -- one military tries to move unseen, the other side tries to spot the enemy before he knows it. Senior Defense Analyst Dan Katz, Managing Editor Graham Warwick and Executive Editor Jim Asker discuss the latest in stealth technology and counterstealth. Plus: Why did the U.S. use the expensive, stealthy B-2 bomber against the Islamic State insurgents, who do not have sophisticated air defenses?

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AIAA’s SciTech conference is happening this week in Grapevine, Texas. Listen in as our editors discuss the new developments, highlights and big questions facing the aerospace community.

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