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Our editors were at this year’s Airbus Innovation Days in Hamburg, where Airbus executives were vocal about supply chain issues they’ve encountered with both the A320neo and A350. The narrowbody was built as what Airbus COO Tom Williams described as a “glider” due to issues with its Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines. And the A350 is playing catch up as Airbus tries to maintain its ambitious delivery plans despite troubles with cabin component suppliers. A potential stretched version of Boeing’s 737 MAX was dubbed "Mad Max" by Airbus sales chief John Leahy, who is also looking at the case for a stretched A350-1000. Listen as our editors discuss all this and more.

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At this year’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva, Business & Commercial Aviation’s (BCA) editors note much optimism in the market, with a much busier show floor and static display than recent years. Boeing stole this year’s show when its fully outfitted 787-8 lorded it over other aircraft on the static display. We discuss the 787’s entrance into the VVIP market and how Airbus is competing with its A350. We also take a look at newest aircraft here, including the Hondajet, which BCA senior editor Fred George recently flew.

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The world of commercial aviation propulsion is in the midst of change, upheaval and dramatic new developments. Aviation Week’s senior editor Guy Norris recently visited General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce to see first-hand the production ramp ups and developments of new turbofans about to enter service. Listen in as he discusses his behind-the-scenes visit. Read the special report on propulsion in this week's edition of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

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NASA-backed Private Spacecraft Programs

As the International Space Station approaches the end of its service life, NASA is supporting Boeing and SpaceX efforts to build commercial crew vehicles  that can take crew to the ISS and later commercial space stations. Aviation Week editors discuss those efforts, as well as the money NASA may save in supporting SpaceX’s Red Dragon, which the commercial spaceflight company intends to land on Mars using supersonic retro-propulsion technology.

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What are the most important technologies, innovations and novel ideas that have made aviation and space what they are today? What will be important in the future? Listen in as Aviation Week editors debate the key 100—and which should make it into the magazine’s 100th anniversary issue.

Read Aviation Week's 100 Key Technologies in the Anniversary Issue

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