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It is 2 a.m., do you know where your digital twin is? Once buzzwords, the aerospace and defense industrial base is embracing the digital thread in manufacturing at an increasing pace. Managers see a future where digital twin approaches go from just product design to the whole supply system. Coupled with other technological leaps, such as working from anywhere on any device, digitization promises many benefits but also challenges. Costs, cyber risks and human capital challenges loom. Aviation Week talks with Accenture advisors on the outlook.

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The 2021 SpeedNews Commercial Aviation Industry Supplier Conference in LA this month provided many executives and advisors the first opportunity to gather again since COVID-19 shut down the sector a year before.

Aviation Week Business Editor Michael Bruno talks with Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group, Ron Epstein of Bank of America and Kevin Michaels of AeroDynamic Advisory about the state of industry, the future, and the past.

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Before his retirement on June 30, NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt shares insights into some key things that would make the aviation industry safer—and how to do it.

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Ranking the leading players in the emerging advanced air mobility (AAM) market is a full-time task as companies almost daily announce product or investment milestones. As Aviation Week launches a new publication dedicated to the AAM ecosystem, technology editor Graham Warwick and senior editor Guy Norris are joined by SMG Consulting’s Sergio Cecutta to discuss the thinking behind the latest update of his AAM Reality Index.

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Both Airbus and Boeing are looking in big boosts in production of their narrowbody jets. But with some regions of the world still closed to outsiders, the widebody market is a different story. Listen in as Aviation Week editors break down the situation. 

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Industry leaders say it is a question of when – not if – markets will surpass pre-pandemic business levels. But make no mistake, A&D has been forever changed by the effects of the outbreak, and there is no better place to see that makeover than in the digital revolution sweeping industry. Accenture’s TechVision 2021 found 89% of executives say employees face the largest and fastest change in history. Listen as Accenture leaders and Aviation Week dive into what it means for A&D.

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It’s $75 million Falcon 10X will take on Gulfstream and Bombardier in the ultra-long-range market—and aims to correct a mistake made decades ago. Listen in as Aviation Week editors Joe Anselmo, Molly McMillin and Thierry Dubois discuss with analyst Richard Aboulafia.

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Will we ever be able to trust an autonomous aircraft? Mark Skoog, the principal investigator for autonomy at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, joins Aviation Week’s Graham Warwick and Guy Norris to discuss an effort to enable autonomous aircraft to be programmed with internal values and rules of behavior to ensure they are safe. Listen in.

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BCA editor Bill Carey speaks with Vishal Hiremath, co-founder of fractional ownership company JetIt, about plans to launch sister company JetClub in Europe.
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After a blistering congressional hearing, Aviation Week editors break down some of the F-35 program’s recent struggles and cost issues to develop the program and maintain and operate the fighter.

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After a successful first flight of the Ingenuity on Mars, the under secretary for science and research at the Smithsonian Institution Ellen Stofan talks with Aviation Week editors about the historic nature of the mission, coming 117 years after the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

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Greg Gibson, Sun ‘n Fun airshow director and chief marketing officer, speaks with Molly McMillin, Aviation Week managing editor of business aviation, about the return of the aerospace expo and the importance of the show, following last year’s cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the number of exhibitors is down 20% from typical years this time, attendance is setting records. Is this show laying the groundwork for AirVenture Oshkosh in July?

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Power unit glitch forces new MAX groundings and adds to quality control woes. But is it a storm in a teacup? Listen in as Aviation Week’s editors analyze Boeing’s latest challenge.

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Air travel is surging back in the U.S., but the opposite is happening in other regions. Aviation Week’s editors and forecasters explain why—and what it means for airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

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Skyborg could also be a cargo delivery aircraft. The program launched by Air Force Research Laboratory is mainly known for developing artificial intelligence for a new family of unmanned combat air vehicles, but the program also includes Volansi's cargo delivery system.

We talk with Volansi CEO Hannan Parvizian and newly appointed board member Will Roper, formerly assistant secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, about how Volansi could become the next Skyborg. 

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China could become the world’s largest commercial aviation system by the middle of the decade. Up to recently, Western suppliers were integral to the Asia giant’s aerospace development, and the relationship was mutually beneficial. But with the new Biden administration potentially following the former Trump administration’s more-adversarial approaches, and with Comac’s C919 hitting new milestones, a new era is dawning on the trans-Pacific paradigm. In this episode of Check 6, Aviation Week Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno talks with consultant Alex Krutz of Patriot Industrial Partners about what suppliers need to think about now for the future of U.S.-China aerospace.

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Nanoracks CEO Jeff Manber predicts that by the end of the year, private space companies will have more discretionary money to spend than the U.S. federal government. Listen in as he provides an update on his company’s acquisition by Voyager space and more.

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Nineteen months after they predicted UAM would be a niche market, Aviation Week’s Graham Warwick and Teal Group’s Richard Aboulafia are back to address why investors are now pouring billions of dollars into the emerging sector. 

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Don Grommesh, Bill Lear’s employee No. 8, served as chief engineer, vice president of Learjet engineering and vice president and general manager of customer service.

Al Higdon, Joined Lear Jet in 1964 and helped make Learjet a household name. Higdon, now retired, is co-founder of Sullivan, Higdon & Sink, now Signal Theory.

Dave Franson, joined Learjet as director of public affairs from 1997 and served for seven years. Franson is now president of the Wichita Aero Club.

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It has been a roller coaster ride in aerospace over the last year. From how to keep up with demand, to how to keep the lights on, to how to restructure and even rebound – the A&D sector has seen it all since this time last year when Covid-19 was just beginning to register worldwide. One year on, how is industry responding and what do A&D leaders think will happen in the coming months and years? In this edition of Check 6 with Accenture, Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno explores these topics with John Schmidt, Accenture’s global A&D lead, and Jeff Wheless, global A&D research leader.

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Aviation Week editors talk with Jared Isaacman, the founder and CEO of Shift4Payments, and the man about to command first all-civilian mission on board a SpaceX Dragon capsule.

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As the Pentagon is grappling with how to maintain the F135 engine powering F-35 fighters, the engine on a Boeing airliner failed on a flight in the western U.S. Aviation Week editors discuss what these incidents mean for safety and reliability as well as the future of military engines.

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Listen in as the former Boeing CEO and his new business partner Kirsten Bartok Touw discuss plans to invest in transformational aerospace technologies—and why the next 20 years could be the best ever.

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The special episode of the podcast offers the full recording of an interview with Scott Bateman, the executive producer of a new documentary about the U.S. President's long-range transport fleet. 

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Investors are putting billions into urban air mobility and space projects, hoping to strike the next Tesla. Listen in as Aviation Week editors discuss the trend.

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The General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-9, proposed as a way to facilitate communications in the late 1990s, really caught on as a way for the U.S. to track insurgents during its so-called war on terrorism.

Since then, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles has revolutionized warfare, but will its future hold? Aviation Week editors discuss potential changes for the platform in the U.S. and abroad.

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Before the pandemic, demand for professional pilots was intense and the long-term outlook predicted severe shortages. The pandemic and decrease in air travel has led to widespread pilot layoffs and furloughs. Did COVID-19 suddenly solve the pilot shortage problem? What lies ahead for business aviation once the pandemic subsides? Will the shortage return?

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As Europe clears the MAX's return, 777X and 787 woes cap a horrible year and record loss for Boeing. Listen in as Aviation Week editors discuss.

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Listen in as PwC experts discuss how understanding and leveraging data can help aerospace companies win.

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Universal Hydrogen wants to enable zero-emissions commercial aviation by tacking the two biggest challenges: creating a distribution infrastructure and kick-starting demand for hydrogen. So the startup plans to build a logistics system and modify regional aircraft to use the zero-carbon fuel.

To discuss the company’s plans, technology editor Graham Warwick is joined by Universal Hydrogen’s co-founder and CEO, serial disruptor Paul Eremenko, along with Andy Marsh, CEO of fuel-cell and green-hydrogen producer Plug Power, and Roei Ganzarski, CEO of electric propulsion developer MagniX.

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Critics worry R&D cuts will hamper ability to catch Airbus. Veteran aerospace analyst Ron Epstein joins Aviation Week’s Guy Norris to discuss.

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Matthew Mejía, Aerion chief financial officer and executive vice president strategy and investor relations, discusses the status of the AS2 supersonic business jet program with Bill Carey, Business and Commercial Aviation senior editor.

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In this week’s podcast, we go behind the scenes for a glimpse into how the cover story of the Jan 11-24 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology took shape. Senior Editor Guy Norris is joined by Executive Editor for Technology Graham Warwick and Sergio Cecutta, founder and partner at SMG Consulting, to talk about picking the winners in the urban air mobility (UAM) race. Sergio explains the thinking behind SMG’s new Advanced Air Mobility Reality Index - https://aamrealityindex.com - an effort to pierce the hype surrounding this hot new sector of aviation.

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Gen. John Raymond, the chief of space operations, looks back at the first year of operations for the U.S. Space Force and ahead at what is to come for the sixth military service in 2021.

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Aviation Week’s Guy Norris just visited Boeing Field, where he talked with 777X program leaders. Listen in for an update on the program’s status – and the certification and market challenges that lie ahead.

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The latest mission to return a sample from the lunar surface is part of China’s internally focused effort to put humans on the Moon. Aviation Week editors discuss the project on the latest episode of Check 6.

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In addition to a planned uptick in defense spending in the UK, nations across Europe are planning to overhaul their fighter fleets in the coming decade.

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Space Development Agency director Derek Tournear joins Aviation Week editors to discuss how its system of space tracking and transport satellites will revolutionize the U.S. military and the challenges it will face along the way.

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With aircraft production poised to accelerate in 2021, an Aviation Week analysis of proprietary aircraft operational data shows the precipitous fall in utilization for many aircraft workhorses. Listen in as our editors break it all down.

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Listen in as PwC’s experts discuss aerospace supply chain risks, prospects for consolidation and why “reshoring” of production is for real.

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Aviation attorney, pilot and Business & Commercial Aviation legal columnist tells pilots and mechanics how to stay out of trouble with the FAA, challenges facing airports and more.

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Listen in as CEO Francisco Gomes Neto gives his side of Embraer’s breakup with Boeing, what he thinks of finding new partners, and how he plans to steer the Brazilian aircraft company through the COVID-19 storm.

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How can industry stay resilient and ready to meet increases while facing its bleakest forecast in history? Listen in as Accenture share their insights on these issues and potential outcomes.

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The founder, president and CEO of the Flight School Association of North America, discusses how the organization benefits student pilots as well as training organizations and the post-COVID-19 outlook.

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In this special edition Check 6 Tech Talk in conjunction with IAC 2020 we speak to Elizabeth Turtle, the principal investigator of NASA’s upcoming Dragonfly mission, which seeks to explore the surface of Titan with a rotorcraft. Dragonfly’s unique dual-quadcopter will land at multiple sites over a nearly three-year baseline mission, assessing the mysterious Saturnian moon’s past and present habitability. Recently delayed by one year due to COVID-related budget pressures, Dragonfly is expected to launch in 2027.

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Aviation Week editors Sean Broderick and Guy Norris discuss the latest ups, downs, and relocations at Boeing.

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Secretive startup Joby Aviation let Aviation Week’s Guy Norris witness a flight test of its new electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft. He and Graham Warwick discuss what he saw – and why the air taxi market is for real.

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Airbus announced three different aircraft concepts for a hydrogen-powered aircraft that is to enter service in 2035. The company is making key technology choices early and still has massive challenges ahead: technological, regulatory and in convincing industry partners to participate. Aviation Week editors Guy Norris, Thierry Dubois and Jens Flottau discuss the key issues ahead.

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Aviation Week editors discuss the roots of the service’s Next Generation Air Dominance program, its use of digital engineering to speed development and some of the obstacles it may face in the future.

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With the commercial aviation manufacturers and suppliers still reeling from COVID-19, Eric Fanning, president of the Aerospace Industries Association discusses ways in which it is trying to maintain the industrial base and position companies for a recovery.

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Aviation Week editors discuss why Airbus and Boeing will need to further trim output to ride out the COVID-19 crisis.

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In the last few weeks, Aviation Week editors Steve Trimble and Guy Norris have learned new information about several U.S. hypersonic weapons efforts. Listen in as they tell executive editor Jen DiMascio about the developments, which include the revelation that the Air Force is studying intercontinental-range hypersonics that could be nuclear-armed and confirmation of the creation of a multi-mission platform with a multi-cycle engine that could be the path toward a SR-72 intelligence-gathering vehicle.

Beyond those potential future programs, they discuss the construction of a new Dynetics facility in Huntsville, Alabama, likely to be the first U.S. factory that will be able to produce hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of hypersonic glide vehicles in the coming years.

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Changes in military sustainment--including the push for agile development and the use of cloud-based software—could hint at broader shifts in the overall aftermarket. Listen as Aviation Week speaks to Accenture’s aerospace team talks about these developments.

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Airport testing centers are up and running in Germany as airlines look to screening to help revive traffic, but a similar effort in the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction. Aviation Week air transport editors discuss the latest.

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Amy Spowart, president and chief executive of the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio, speaks about the organization based in the birthplace of aviation.

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This week, NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Benhken splashed down in their SpaceX Dragon capsule in the Gulf of Mexico after two months at the International Space Station. Aviation Week editors Irene Klotz and Mark Carreau discuss their experience covering human spaceflight from the days of the shuttle until now and where the Commercial Crew program is headed.

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A new surge in U.S. coronavirus cases has stalled a fragile recovery in airline traffic. Listen in as Accenture’s aerospace team reveals the strategies they’re giving aerospace CEOs for now and into 2021.

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Aviation Week editors provide their behind-the-scenes impressions from interviews with the CEOs of Airbus, Boeing, Lufthansa Technik and Raytheon Technologies.

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Clark is the president and owner of Courtesy Aircraft. The company has be involved in the sale of more than 3,000 former military aircraft.

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Obitts discusses how the organization that represents FBOs and charter and fractional ownership operators is dealing with COVID-19.

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With the groundbreaking of Aerion’s new Florida headquarters approaching, company CEO Tom Vice talks to Guy Norris about the design, development, and sustainability of its newly reconfigured AS2 supersonic business jet.

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As an UltraFan demonstrator is prepared for 2021 tests, chief engineer Andy Geer tells Aviation Week editors about Rolls' faith in a market recovery—and why UltraFan will be an engine for all seasons.

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Since taking the helm at Pratt & Whitney from outgoing Bob Leduc at the turn of the year, the company’s new president Chris Calio has been steering the engine maker through a sea of challenges. Ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to implementing upgrades to the PW1100 geared turbofan, all this has happened as P&W completed its mega merger with Raytheon—a transaction which officially closed in early April.

Listen in as Calio talks down the line to Senior Propulsion Editor Guy Norris as part of Aviation Week’s Flight Path Forward series about his hopes for the company’s commercial and military engine businesses, the road to sustainability and managing through the pandemic to a long term market recovery as part of a bigger company. Sponsored by Accenture.

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The founder of the small-launch company discusses a recent failure of the Electron rocket launch, the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, and Rocket Lab’s evolution from manufacturing rockets to building spacecraft.

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BCA Editor-in-Chief and Ganzarski discuss the potential for electric propulsion to make trips of 125-500 mi. more affordable for aircraft carrying 5-12 passengers.

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Lee Hui Fung, Smart MRO VP at ST Engineering Aerospace, is pioneering the prototyping and adoption of new technologies in MRO. She has found that the COVID-19 crisis has actually been an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of some innovations.

Listen in to this special interview brought to you by Accenture as part of Aviation Week’s Flight Path Forward series as Chief Editor MRO Lee Ann Shay calls Lee Hui Fung in Singapore to hear how the pandemic has changed the rate of smart MRO adoption.

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A recent IATA survey has shown that passenger concerns are flying are still paramount. Aviation Week editors Sean Broderick, Bill Carey, Ben Goldstein and Jens Flottau discuss what airlines and airports can realistically do to protect passengers from being infected with COVID-19 and what the role of governments should be.

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The civil war in Libya is morphing into a fluid security situation. Russian military aircraft have arrived to support private contractors backed by the Russian government. Aviation Week editors and analysts discuss how the security void has presented Middle Eastern nations with an opportunity to test their ability to fight with Turkish and Chinese UAVs.

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Face it: you don’t really know your supply chain. Even when times were good in A&D manufacturing, regular deliveries required repeated heroics. Now that COVID-19 has upended commercial aviation, OEMs and top-tier customers must get better insight into their suppliers as the chance of missing parts – even whole providers – is increasing. In this episode of Check 6 with Accenture, we talk with John Schmidt, the firm’s global A&D lead, and Joyce Kline, a leader in applied intelligence, on how to get smarter about your suppliers.

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Listen in as editors Guy Norris and Joe Anselmo discuss how the project to develop the 21st Century’s first civil supersonic airliner is moving forward and have their questions answered by Boom Supersonic CEO Blake Scholl.

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From a competition among the world’s militaries to create weapons that can hit targets 1,000 mi. away within minutes, to innovations that could enable rapid civilian travel from New York to Hong Kong and multi-stage access to space, the pursuit of hypersonic technologies are pushing the limits of national budgets and the laws of physics.

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From a competition among the world’s militaries to create weapons that can hit targets 1,000 mi. away within minutes, to innovations that could enable rapid civilian travel from New York to Hong Kong and multi-stage access to space, the pursuit of hypersonic technologies are pushing the limits of national budgets and the laws of physics.

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The drive to develop Japan’s first commercial aircraft since 1974 hits another stumbling block as flight tests are halted and production is shut down. Aviation Week editors discuss whether the regional jet program will survive—and whether its troubles will benefit Embraer.

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An ICAO task force has released recommendations on how to minimize COVID-19 risks on airplanes and in airports. Will it be enough to convince nervous travelers to fly again? Listen in as Aviation Week’s editors delve into the details.

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With preparations for SpaceX’s first human spaceflight drawing to a close, the company's president and chief operating officer Gwynne Shotwell talks with Aviation Week & Space Technology space editor Irene Klotz about lessons learned for Starship and plans for the rollout of Starlink.

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In an exclusive interview with Aviation Week Space Editor Irene Klotz, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk discusses the riskiest part of the upcoming NASA Commercial Crew Demo-2 launch, the need to further reduce launch costs and the prospects for the Starlink internet service project.

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The U.S. Air Force, in the midst of modernizing its bomber fleet, launched a competition on May 19 for 608 engines to keep the B-52 Stratofortress in business beyond 2030. Aviation Week editors Jen DiMascio, Steve Trimble and Guy Norris discuss the competition and what's driving the global resurgence in platforms with firepower.

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Companies across the board are slashing costs, preserving cash, and trying to adjust to a new normal after the novel coronavirus throttled down business prospects. But there is one area they are sure to spend even more money on in the coming years as industry regroups after COVID-19. Listen in as Aviation Week and Accenture discuss what to watch for in technology investments.

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Dave Lange of FedEx Express talks with Lee Ann Shay about changes in cargo operations, including flying international charter relief missions, during the pandemic.

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On the heels of Germany’s proposal to purchase both Eurofighter Typhoons and Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornets, Aviation Week editors Jen DiMascio, Tony Osborne and Steve Trimble discuss ongoing fighter competitions around the world, highlighting one of the most dynamic markets in aerospace.

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Teal Group analyst Richard Aboulafia joins Aviation Week editors Joe Anselmo, Jens Flottau and Michael Bruno on Check 6 to discuss the sudden collapse of the $4.2 billion tie-up and its implications for both companies—and for Airbus.

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Practically everyone in commercial aerospace is scrambling to figure out how deeply, and for how long, COVID-19 will affect the industry. 

Two longtime aerospace experts from consultancy Roland Berger, Manfred Hader and Robert Thomson, join Aviation Week senior business editor Michael Bruno on Check 6 to discuss what may occur. 

They offer three scenarios and further insight into how the coronavirus will upend the airliner world. The takeaway: while it will be years before normal returns, the better question is what does normal look like?

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With Lockheed Martin’s U-2S poised for a comprehensive avionics upgrade that will position the spy plane at the heart of the U.S. Air Force’s ambitious next-generation airborne battle management plan, Aviation Week senior editor Guy Norris and defense editor Steve Trimble join executive editor Graham Warwick on Check 6 to discuss what appears to be a new lease of life for the famed Dragon Lady.

You can read Guy's cover story on the U-2S in Aviation Week & Space Technology here.

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Airbus has slashed near-term airliner production, and Boeing’s cuts could be worse. Air traffic has collapsed, and fewer aircraft will need to be repaired. Meanwhile, factories everywhere face the dilemma of how to stay in operation with worker absences as high as 50%. Listen in as Vivek Saxena, managing director of Advisory Aerospace, speaks with Aviation Week editors Sean Broderick and Michael Bruno about how the supply chain is coping with COVID-19.

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John Holmes, president and CEO of AAR Corp., joined the company right before 9/11 and has seen it weather turbulent economic storms. He speaks with Lee Ann Shay, Aviation Week’s chief editor MRO, about how the company is preparing itself for the post COVID-19 crisis.

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Will the coronavirus pandemic completely change how the defense budget is prioritized nationally? Steve Grundman, principal of Grundman Advisory, joins Aviation Week editors.

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As society is consumed by the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, this week we bring you something completely different. 

Ahead of the launch of his new book Harrier 809, aviation author and historian Rowland White joins Aviation Week’s London Bureau Chief Tony Osborne on Check 6 to discuss the story of Britain’s legendary jump jet and its role in the Falklands War.

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As COVID-19 coronavirus panic reaches the U.S., aviation has yet another crisis on its hands.
Listen in as Aerodynamic Advisory's Kevin Michaels and Teal Group's Richard Aboulafia join Aviation Week editors to discuss the perfect storm that has hit the industry—and what’s coming next.

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SpaceX’s Elon Musk may have stunned the Air Force Association with his statement that the time for manned fighter aircraft has passed. Aviation Week editors explain why that was shocking – and why it wasn’t.

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Some lawmakers think the FAA’s certification process is broken. Are they right? Listen as Aviation Week’s safety and technology editors weigh in.

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Its decision to shed commercial aviation and rail divisions may not be enough, given the crowded business aviation market.

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This year’s Singapore Airshow, overshadowed by coronavirus, had fewer attendees and exhibitors. But the show wasn’t devoid of news—including a possible major development from Boeing. Listen in as our team discusses.

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The aviation aftermarket still uses as lot of paper—but that is not going to be the case forever. In this fragmented, global industry where the same companies can compete and cooperate, figuring out how to share and leverage data and technologies within a shared ecosystem is key. Aviation Week Chief Editor MRO Lee Ann Shay talks with Accenture Global A&D Lead John Schmidt and A&D Aftermarket Lead Jon Baker about this and how technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality are already making an impact on MRO—from optimizing inventory and maintenance planning to improving customer service on a technical level.

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Senior editor Guy Norris and London bureau chief Tony Osborne are joined by Vertical Flight Society executive director Michael Hirschberg as they review a busy Heli-Expo 2020 in Anaheim, California.

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As the 777X makes its first flight, Boeing pulls back on the NMA and announces its first annual loss in a generation. Aviation Week's editors discuss the implications. 

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A new era of high speed civil flight is beckoning but are commercial supersonic or even hypersonic aircraft justifiable amid rising concerns over aviation’s environmental impact? Guy Norris and Graham Warwick discuss this and other topics from AIAA’s annual SciTech forum where the global challenge of achieving sustainable aviation took center stage.

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Aviation Week editors discuss how the Ukraine International Airlines flight found itself in the path of a SA-15 and what can be done to prevent future tragedies.

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Kurt Robinson of Robinson Helicopter Co., discusses the momentum toward urban air mobility, single pilot IFR and electrification of aviation with Bill Garvey, editor-in-chief of Business & Commercial Aviation magazine.

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Airlines For America’s Nancy Young says the industry is making huge strides in making aviation cleaner. Is it enough? Listen in – and then you decide.

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What is known and not known about the coming production halt to the Boeing 737 MAX? Could Boeing and its suppliers take a hit?

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