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Join us this week as we discuss in depth the aftermath of the air show display accident in the U.K. last week. Should there be tighter controls or is it time to end aerobatic displays by vintage military aircraft at air shows? Could it be the end for air shows as we know them?

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What if commercial pilots never had to learn to fly IFR? The distinction between instrument flight rules and visual flight rules (VFR) may go away in the not-too-distant future. What if the Black Hawk successor offered military pilots a 360-degree, all-weather view on a touch screen that could easily be reconfigured? These are the sort of things we might see in next-gen cockpits. Join Aviation Week editors Jim Asker, John Croft and Graham Warwick in peering into the future.

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Berkshire Hathaway’s bid to acquire Precision Castparts and Google’s restructuring are among the developments discussed by Executive Editor Jim Asker, Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo and Graham Warwick, the managing editor for technology. Their wide-ranging discussion also touches on GKN, Alcoa, US Airways, Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies and Sikorsky.

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Here what disciplines have the most demand, salaries, sign-on bonuses, and the value that work and life balance plays in the compensation package.

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A look at the obstacles that lie ahead for Lockheed Martin’s mammoth F-35 program, how its limitations with dogfighting is leading other militaries to tout maneuverability and how the U.K. is equipping other fighters with weapons that the F-35 can’t yet use. Amy Butler and Tony Osborne also spend a little time discussing this summer’s tanker blues.

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