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Advances in aerospace vehicles almost always follow advances in propulsion. And propulsion technology continues to advance, creating new opportunities. So what is in store for the future? Attending the AIAA Propulsion & Energy conference in Indianapolis, senior editor Guy Norris and technology editor Graham Warwick discuss possibilities raging from nuclear rockets to electric aircraft.
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Will there be fireworks, or harmony? Graham Warwick and Richard Aboulafia got together to discuss how big the UAM market will be.

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The U.S. is stepping up work on defending against hypersonic missile even as its pursues several, seemingly competing high-speed strike weapon programs. Our editors dig deep into what the Pentagon is up to in the rapidly evolving field of offensive and defensive hypersonics.

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Boeing’s exit from the Ground-based Strategic Deterrent program to replace the U.S.’s nuclear ICBMs leave the Air Force with Northrop as a lone contractor. Aviation Week editoris discuss the company’s possible motivation and what it means for the future of the Pentagon’s nuclear program.

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The annual Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture focuses on innovation and battery powered aircraft. Listen as Fred George and Molly McMillin report live from Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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Aviation Week editors Steve Trimble and Tony Osborne take stock of the major developments unfolding at the UK’s premier defense air show – from Sweden’s participation in the UK’s Tempest fighter program, details about a new unmanned combat air vehicle, a hypersonic weapon and an expansion into space.

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In the midst of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, NASA is making dramatic moves in its human exploration directorate. Aviation Week Space Editor Irene Klotz discusses the changes and what they mean for the agency’s future.


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Astronaut Michael Collins speaks with Aviation Week Space Editor Irene Klotz about the meaning of his time on the Moon, his thoughts on the current space program, what he would like to see transpire 50 years from now and more.

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Over many years, the Air Force quietly developed a missile that is compatible with the AIM-120’s form factor but has a much longer range.

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What did we see and what was missing at the Paris Air Show?  Listen in as our editors discuss the highs and lows from the biannual aerospace industry gathering at Le Bourget.

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A summit held in Washington took aim at airline outsourcing, which is not new. Sarah MacLeod, executive director of the Aeronautical Repair Station Association, spoke at the event as the single dissenting voice. MacLeod speaks with Lee Ann Shay, chief editor MRO for Aviation Week Network, about the controversy.

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The aerospace and defense landscape was altered almost overnight with the proposal to merge United Technologies and Raytheon. The would-be Raytheon Technologies looms as one of the largest A&D contractors ever, and could be a research powerhouse – if it passes regulatory review first. Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo speaks with Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno and Senior Military Editor Steve Trimble about the reasons for and the consequences of this mega-merger.

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As work continues towards first flight of the GE9X-powered Boeing 777-9, senior editor Guy Norris talks to GE Aviation chief test pilot Jon Ohman about what’s involved with  flight tests of the world’s largest turbofan on the company’s specially modified 747-400.

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There are a handful of hot topics guaranteed to come up at the Paris air show. Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno talks with Accenture A&D leader John Schmidt and Joyce Kline about what will be on everyone’s lips, as well as what might serve as a few surprises at the big annual European event. 

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Boeing Defense officials say new processes, procedures and design allowed them to outbid competitors on multi-billion-dollar contracts last year, including the next-generation T-X trainer and MQ-25 carrier-based aerial refueling tanker. Aviation Week editors discuss their pitch and past record of delivering on the major programs.

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Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury and his management colleagues have taken over little over a month ago. Now, weeks before the Paris Air Show, the new leadership team has given first indications on strategy and priorities. What are the key takes? Aviation Week Network editors discuss.

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Safety and security have always been a given in the business aviation industry. Now, attention has turned to adding sustainability to the mix, with alternative jet fuel leading the news at EBACE this year.

Also, in the aftermath of the Boeing MAX crashes, are changes needed to the ODA process? Listen in as our editors discuss this and more from Geneva, Switzerland.

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As Boeing nears finalization of its proposed fix to the 737 MAX since the fleet-wide grounding in March, our editors discuss the ramifications for pilot proficiency, automation and other civil aircraft programs.

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Some 80,000 satellites are proposed to begin flying in low Earth orbit, but the talk at the Satellite 2019 was about which companies have the strongest leg up and which launch providers will take them to space.

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Feel like your company is not innovating fast enough? You are probably right. Chances are your company is not doing enough to drive digital change in its culture, products and services. In the latest Check 6 with Accenture, Aviation Week’s Michael Bruno talks with Accenture Managing Directors John Schmidt and Chris Tridico on how the A&D industry is wrestling with the challenges, from figuring out where to invest to what to expect.


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Editors Guy Norris and Michael Bruno listened in as CEO Dennis Muilenburg fielded Wall Street’s questions. A few of his answers surprised them.

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The U.S. military is debating everything from creating a sixth service for space to a unified combatant command to how to architect and buy a new generation of satellites.

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At Aviation Week's inaugural UAM conference, editors discuss which air transport applications have the best chance of breaking out

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Since first flight of the original F-35 test aircraft more than 12 years ago, the U.S. military has given the public only one glimpse of the aircraft’s hotly contested dogfighting chops — and that was nearly two years ago at the Paris Air Show. That’s changing this year. Defense Editor Steve Trimble talks with U.S. Air Force F-35 Demo Pilot Capt. Andrew “Dojo” Olson about the new display’s public debut on March 30 in Melbourne, Florida.

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Just back from Seattle, where Boeing was briefing regulators and operators on its upgrades to the MCAS control law implicated in to 737 MAX fatal crashes, senior editor Guy Norris talks with managing editor Graham Warwick about the changes, Congress’s grilling of the FAA’s Administrator and the ramifications of both for the MAX, for certification and, perhaps in the long term, for automation in airliner cockpits.


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Aviation Week editors discuss the latest from the two MAX accident investigations and look back at the compromises that led to the controversial MCAS system.

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In the aftermath of global groundings of the Boeing 737 MAX family aircraft, our editors discuss what measures need to be taken to overcome the crisis for the OEM and operators. 

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From the latest commercial helicopter news to the irresistible growth of eVTOLs and novel hybrid-electric propulsion systems, listen to Tony Osborne and Guy Norris as they discuss the highlights of HAI’s recent Heli Expo 2019 convention from a freezing week in Atlanta.

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Why did Rolls-Royce say “no thank you” to Boeing’s NMA? How might Airbus respond? Listen in as we discuss the risks of launching a new mid-market airliner.

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Impressive improvements in aircraft fuel burn and carbon emissions are being offset by the industry’s rapid growth. Listen in as our editors discuss the quandary and possible solutions.  

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From the loss of 40N6E missiles in the English Channel to Russia’s attempt to  sell the air defense system to Saudi Arabia, and the politics of sanctions, Defense Editor Steve Trimble discusses new developments from the International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi.

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The number of electric-propulsion aircraft projects continues to climb at a staggering rate. What is more, 2019 could be a year of many firsts. Bye Aerospace flew its Sun Flyer 2 prototype fitted with a Siemens motor Feb. 8, and MagniX has revealed its intent for November, just to name a few. For years, Robert Thomson and Nikhil Sachdeva of Roland Berger have been tracking and analyzing all the well-known and semi-secret projects – now counting 140-plus. In this week’s episode of Check 6, they talk with Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno about the big changes to come for the aerospace industry.

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Marking 50th anniversary of first 747 flight, our editors discuss the “giant jet’s” rocky beginnings, how much of a future it has left and whether Airbus will shutter the A380 line.

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After the delivery of the KC-46A tanker, the service is looking to detach itself from future, platform-centric plans.

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Aviation Week editors discuss the shocking turnabout for the late Paul Allen’s air-launch space company and other recent churn in the space launch market.

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Unpaid controllers, delayed certifications and a European regulatory quagmire are just some of the impacts of political crisis across two continents. Listen in as our editors discuss.

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From transonic truss-braced wing designs to learning lessons from Apollo, Graham Warwick and Guy Norris report from this year’s AIAA SciTech conference in San Diego, California.

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Need workers? Got workers but they don’t have the right skills? After decades of shedding employees, A&D finds itself in a race to staff-up ahead of everything from near-peer national security threats to just staying ahead of tech industry disruptors. What should companies do? In this episode of Aviation Week Check 6 with Accenture, Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno talks with Accenture A&D Lead John Schmidt and Communication, Media and Technology Managing Director Jessica Kane, who offer a game plan.

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Aviation Week editors discuss Acting Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan’s career as Boeing’s Mr. Fix-It and whether he will stand up to President Trump

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