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Our space experts discuss why tracking and diverting killer asteroids is finally being taken seriously. 


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From NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services-2 award to the Dream Chaser spaceplane, to Space-X’s recent near miss landing in Vandenberg, California, the field of reusable space systems is expanding. Join Jen DiMascio, Frank Morring and Guy Norris as they discuss developments and competition in the burgeoning commercial and defense space launch markets.

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The final numbers for orders and deliveries are out for 2015. Who is the leader, Airbus or Boeing?  And why? Join Jens Flottau, Guy Norris and Graham Warwick as they discuss, compare and look at the impact of these figures.

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Aviation is, by and large, an incredibly safe mode of transportation. But it wasn’t always so, and there are challenges coming soon. Join Editors Jim Asker, John Croft and Bill Sweetman as they discuss the history and future of aviation safety and read the special report.

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Virtual reality. Crowd-sourcing weather data. Co-pilots on the ground. Changes are coming to flight operations, maintenance and training. Executive Editor Jim Asker and Avionics and Safety Editor John Croft discuss the next-generation hardware and new techniques that will boost safety and save money.

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