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The business aviation industry gathered in Geneva for this year’s EBACE convention buoyed by an uplift in market conditions. Big players had plenty to announce and show. Listen in as our team on the ground discusses some of the key developments from EBACE 2018.

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At its second Elevate Summit in Los Angeles last week, Uber described an ambitious end-state vision for its aerial ridesharing initiative. Guy Norris and Graham Warwick were there for the eye-opening presentation and discuss the challenges to realizing Uber’s vision with Mark Moore, the man behind its plans to fill the skies over the world’s most congested cities with electric VTOL air taxis.

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Airbus and Boeing could be stuck with dozens of passenger airplanes, but missile defense sales could see an uptick. Aviation Week editors discuss the unfolding scenarios.

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Aviation Week Network editors discuss what needs to be done to move forward and why business aviation isn’t more enthusiastic.

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