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In an environment where a Tweet can move markets, the head of the Aerospace Industries Association is urging companies to stick to the facts.

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From the Middle East, to India, Canada and Europe, AvWeek’s editors take stock of recent deals and announced sales of fighter aircraft and size up how that will impact upcoming competitions.

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U.S. president-elect Donald Trump is just beginning to form his team. What will it mean for aerospace, aviation, NASA, trade and the economy?

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Automation is reaching the point that it may be possible for artificial intelligence and robotics to take much of the routine workload of cockpit crews—and “remember” things no humans could in an emergency. Is this the future?

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On Nov. 8, the U.S. elected Donald Trump its next president, as well as a Republican House and Senate. Aviation Week editors explain how they think those dynamics will shape the nation’s policy and spending choices in the short term and the long run.

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Nuclear weapons captured the interest of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and the issue of how to counter Russian and Chinese weapons will be at the forefront of the whoever wins the presidency. AvWeek editors discuss some of those pending issues: programs to upgrade nuclear ICBMS, cruise missiles and bomber aircraft – and how to afford it all.

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The business aviation industry is waiting with baited breath for new technologies, airplanes and engines to enter the marketplace. But there were innovations aplenty at this year’s NBAA Convention and Exhibition, from morphing wings to printed engines to supersonic jets. Listen in as our editors on site at the convention discuss these technologies and other major developments in the business aviation industry.

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Ahead of the NBAA exhibition and conference in Orlando, Fl next week, our editors discuss the state of the business aviation industry, the factors that could help revive it and how retrofitting used aircraft is the next big thing.

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Missions tend to fare better when countries share information and technology. That certainly appeared to be the case during this busy week in space—from Russia's Soyuz launch to the International Space Station, to China's Shenzou mission, Antares's return to flight and the European Space Agency's rocky landing on Mars.

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Will global agreements to limit CO2 emissions force airlines to push for breakthrough technologies?

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