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The U.S. and UK governments banned the use of large electronic devices in the cabins of flights from several countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Aviation Week editors discuss whether this ban will actually accomplish its security goals and how the new rules could cost the Persian Gulf airlines business traffic.

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Airshows can be great fun, and most come off without incident. But the safety record of airshows is spotty, and there have been some horrific crashes. How do shows approach safety? Why do things go wrong? And what can be done to make them safer? Aviation Week pilots John Croft and Fred George and Executive Editor Jim Asker explore some crashes and consider how to make shows and demonstration flights safer.

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Aviation Week Editors Jen DiMascio, Lara Seligman and Graham Warwick talk with Marine Lt. Col. David Berke. The team at Aviation Week has reported on the F-35 program for years from a programmatic and technical perspective. But Berke, who has flown the F-22, the F-35 and the F-18, tells them why the F-35 is a superior aircraft.

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Blue Origin’s New Glenn is one among many launch companies that will lend a hand to companies eager to send spacecraft into orbit in a market where technological change can be faster than the pace of production.

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Leonardo and European researchers have big plans for civil tiltrotors.

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Limitations on the F-35’s strike capability may prompt fresh thinking in the military about how it uses and upgrades existing aircraft.

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As U.S. research pokes along, China and Russia make rapid advances. Editors Guy Norris and Graham Warwick explain.

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In this week’s Check 6 with Accenture, Aviation Week Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno and Editor-in-Chief Joe Anselmo talk with John Schmidt, who leads Accenture’s Global Aerospace and Defense practice, about President Donald Trump, international trade and the aerospace and defense sector, and impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on industry.

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Has the 'jetmania' trend returned as cheaper, used regional jets flood the market? Can they compete with new, more-efficient turboprops? Join our editors from Aviation Week as they discuss this market issue.

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Bombardier’s new airliner carves out a new niche. Our pilots are impressed with its automation and handling—and the creature comforts for passengers.

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